Professor Mike Ryan

Mike joined the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Monash University in 2014. Before this, he was at La Trobe University (2000-2014) including as head of the Department of Biochemistry (2010-2013). Mike has always had an interest in mitochondrial biology, starting as a PhD student with Peter Hoj and Nick Hoogenraad (La Trobe/Adelaide) and then as an Alexander von Humboldt Fellow with Klaus Pfanner (Freiburg, Germany). Mike is president of the Australian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB, 2015-2016) and also was a reviewing editor for the Journal of Biological Chemistry (2013-2016). He serves on a number of committees including as a member for the Scientific and Medical Advisory Panel for the Australian Mitochondria Disease Foundation (AMDF) and on the National Committee for Biomedical Science, AAS.

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Dr David Stroud

NHMRC Doherty Fellow - d.stroud (at)

David completed his undergrad at La Trobe University in 2007, and undertook his doctorate at the University of Freiburg, Germany in the lab of Prof. Klaus Pfanner. Returning to Australia in 2012 he joined Mike's lab and in 2013, was awarded an NHMRC Early Career Research Fellowship for the study of mitochondrial respiratory chain assembly and miss-assembly in disease. His present work makes extensive use of recently developed gene-editing technologies (CRISPR/TALEN) coupled with proteomic and systems-biology approaches to better understand the molecular mechanisms underlying mitochondrial function and dysfunction in mitochondrial disease.  

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Dr Luke Formosa

Post-Doc - luke.formosa (at)

Luke Formosa studied his Bachelor of Biomedical Science/Bachelor of Science double degree at La Trobe University before joining Mike’s lab in 2011 as an honours and then PhD student. Completing his PhD in 2016, Luke is now a post-doc in the Ryan lab, working on aspects of mitochondrial complex I biogenesis in health and disease.

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Dr Ju Lin Tan

Post-Doc - julin.tan (at)

Ju Lin Tan undertook her Bachelor of Science at AIMST University, Malaysia (2007-2010), focusing on biotechnology. Then, she enrolled into Masters of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics at La Trobe University (2011-2012), where she worked on bacterial AAA+ proteases as her research component (supervised by Dr. Linda Ward and Dr. David Dougan). Ju Lin continued her work in the same lab for her PhD, studying the role of AAA+ proteases, focusing on the putative ClpS adaptor protein. Her growing interest in mitochondrial studies has led her to join the Ryan lab and she is currently investigating the components that contribute to mitochondrial dynamics.

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Dr Lars Ellenrieder


Visiting Post-Doc -  lars.ellenrieder (at)

Lars studied Molecular Medicine at the Universtiy of Freiburg and recieved his diploma degree in 2012. He remained in Freiburg in the lab of Prof. Klaus Pfanner to undertake his doctorate (2013-2016). Lars is now a Post-Doc in the Pfanner lab. He is generally interested in how the transport of proteins, lipids and metabolites into mitochondria is coordinated. Lars mainly works with the yeast model system and is now joining the Ryan Lab for 3 month to learn to work with mammalian cell systems as well.


Madeleine Garrett

Research Assistant -

Maddy studied a Bachelor of Science at Monash University and graduated in 2014 with majors in biochemistry, molecular biology, and zoology. A deep interest in gene editing technology drew her to undertake her honours in the Ryan lab. Her project involved work with inner membrane import and export proteins in the mitochondria, and after completing the year she was hired as a full time research assistant for the lab.

Marris Dibley

PhD student - marris.dibley (at)

Marris completed a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Tasmania in 2009 before moving to Melbourne in 2012 to study a Bachelor of Science at Monash University. He completed his undergraduate qualifications with a focus on biochemistry and genetics prior to undertaking his Honours in Mike’s lab. After finishing his degree in 2015, Marris commenced his doctoral studies in 2016. Marris’ PhD focuses on the assembly of mitochondrial complex I in health and disease, with a particular interest in identifying and characterising novel assembly factors.  

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Felix Kraus

PhD student - felix.kraus (at)

Felix Kraus undertook his Bachelor of Science at the Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich, Germany focusing on genetics in plant-microbe interactions. During his Masters degree in Munich, his research focus shifted to epigenetics and advanced light microscopy. After working several months in the research laboratories of Dr Peter Mergaert in Paris and Dr Lothar Schermelleh in Oxford during his Masters, he returned to Munich, finishing his degree in the laboratory of Prof Heinrich Leonhardt. Following a 6 months period working at the EMBL Australia in the laboratory of Prof Katharina Gaus and Jeremie Rossy at UNSW, he joined the Ryan lab as a PhD student in March 2016 where he studies mitochondrial dynamics and morphology.

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Baobei Lyu

Visiting PhD student - baobei.lyu (at)

Baobei got his bachelor’s degree from the Ocean University of China (2007-2011), majoring in Biotechnology. He then completed his Master of Biomedical Engineering in Beijing University of Technology (2011-2014). 
In 2014, Baobei started his doctoral study and comes to Monash University as an exchange student from April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018, focusing on the structure and function of mitochondria complex I in health and disease.


Dr Sandra Hakim

Dr Laura Osellame (research fellow, Hoogenraad Lab, La Trobe University)

Elliot Surgenor (research assistant, Huntington lab, WEHI)

Dr Abeer Singh (postdoc, Ott lab, Sweden)

Dr Boris Reljic (postdoc, Vaux lab, WEHI)

Dr Thanh Nguyen (postdoc, Lazarou lab, Monash University)

Dr Catherine Palmer (Microscopy manager, Burnet Institute)

Dr Xioanan Wang (La Trobe University)

Dr Viviane Richter (Engagement Manager, Biomedical Research Victoria)

Dr Kirstin Elgass (Monash Micro imaging)

Dr Ved Mooga (postdoc, Alabama USA)

Dr Mat McKenzie (ARC Future fellow, lab head Hudson Institute)

Dr Michael Lazarou (postdoc, Youle lab, NIH USA; now lab head, Monash Uni)

Dr Ann Frazier (NHMRC CDA fellow, Thorburn lab, MCRI)

Dr Laura Osellame (University College London, Duchen lab; now Monash Uni)

Dr Michael Baker (AvH fellow, Langer lab, Cologne, now Project Manager, Hexima Ltd)

Dr Olga Koutsopoulos (postdoc, Strasbourg, now Project Manager, Inserm U1110)

Dr Christopher Dunning (postdoc, Lund University, UK)

Dr Diana Stojanovski (AvH fellow, Pfanner lab, Germany; now group leader, Bio21)

Dr Amelia Johnson (postdoc, La Trobe University)