Positions AVAILABLE (scroll down)

The Ryan lab has a great work ethic in a friendly and collegial setting. Former lab members have excelled here and abroad - see our Alumni section under lab team for more details.

Postdoc position available!

The Ryan Lab is recruiting a postdoctoral fellow to work on project(s) related to mitochondrial biology and disease. The project can be fitted to the individual’s expertise - whether it is structural biology, advanced microscopy, animal models, quantitative proteomics, cell biology or biochemistry. Only Australian citizens or residents are able to apply (sorry the conservative government is not being helpful - but if you have your own fellowship then it’s no issue). Please forward your CV including expertise and a motivation letter by e-mail to Mike Ryan.

Honours & Masters Students

Honours student places are available in the Ryan lab. Our projects are designed to give students the opportunity to undertake a unique research project where they will learn a variety of techniques to skill them for the workforce and/or potential PhD positions. Experienced and friendly lab members give students daily supervision in the lab. We welcome your visit to the lab where you can meet the team.

Please contact Mike to arrange an appointment and include your academic transcript.

PhD Students

PhD positions are available to suitably qualified students with a genuine interest in our work. Applicants must have a first-class honours degree or equivalent with skills in molecular and/or cell biology.

Students should send their academic transcript and cover letter to Mike for appraisal.

PhD scholarships are awarded by Monash University on a competitive basis. For more details, see: https://www.monash.edu/graduate-research/future-students/apply

Postdoctoral fellowships for German citizens available

Mike is a former Alexander von Humboldt recipient and can support applications by suitably qualified German postdocs to undertake a Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship in his lab. If interested, please contact Mike with your CV and cover letter.

Also see the Alexander von Humboldt website (www.humboldt-foundation.de) for more details.