Dr Luke Formosa

Post-Doc - luke.formosa (at) monash.edu

Luke Formosa studied his Bachelor of Biomedical Science/Bachelor of Science double degree at La Trobe University before joining Mike’s lab in 2011 as an honours and then PhD student. Completing his PhD in 2016, Luke is now a post-doc in the Ryan lab, working on aspects of mitochondrial complex I biogenesis in health and disease.

Links: Google Scholar - ORCID - Twitter

Dr Matthew Eramo

Post-Doc - matthew.eramo (at) monash.edu

Matt completed his Bachelor of Biomedical Science and Bachelor of Science double degree at Monash University in 2010. He then joined the lab of Professor Christina Mitchell in 2011 where his PhD and post-doctoral studies focused on the regulation of autophagy in the maintenance of skeletal muscle homeostasis, and its influence on whole-body metabolism. In 2019, he started his second post-doctoral research position in the Ryan lab, investigating the regulation of the MICOS complex and how it affects mitochondrial structure and function.

Links: Google Scholar - ORCID